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Hendra's at 8-9 Lemon Street Truro, offers all that is great in natural health, hair and beauty. In The Lemon Street Market, Truro, The Gallery Cafe on the first floor is a great meeting venue for friends a colleagues, surrounded by classic and contemporary cornish art in Lander Gallery.

We do not deny the somewhat eclectic collection of businesses that we have can bemuse some. But they were created out of our personal interests and passion and we are proud to be able to share them with you!

Enjoy browsing through our sites and see for yourself why Hendra's is one of the most popular independent companies in Cornwall.

If you are an existing customer we would like to thank you for taking the time to see what else Hendra's has to offer. If you are new to Hendra's, well what are you waiting for, have a browse!

What's New

Check out our new menus at The Gallery Café , Fig and Oscar's in The Lemon Street Market The places to eat in Truro!

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Health Store Online
Our great range of health products will soon be available online. Watch this space

With over fifty positions in Hendra's, is the ideal job waiting for you?
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