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Welcome to Peninsula Podiatry. Carl Bicknell and the team are fully qualified podiatrists and between them, able to carry out all the foot related treatments you may require from their spacious first floor clinic. We offer specialist diabetic services, verruca management and ingrown nail surgery, along with regular general maintenance appointments For details and appointments please call 01872 222258 or email enquiries@peninsulapodiatry.co.uk

Our Amazing Team

We are members of the National Hair and Beauty Federation and adhere to their recommended standards. Our salons follow strict code of conduct guidelines, our equipment is thoroughly cleaned between clients and areas wiped, using the appropriate products. All stylists and therapists are trained in their treatments and regularly peer assessed.


Head Podiatrist

General Podiatry Service

Nail trim, advice, removal of callouses (hard skin) & corns

Simple Insoles
Home Visit

For those with mobility issues, we can visit you at home. Only available for postcodes TR1, TR2, TR3, TR4. Milage costs may apply. Call for details

Ingrowing Toenail Surgery

Includes 3 follow up appointments.

Assessment takes place during our General with a conservative plan. However, if indicated from the outset or if not settling with conservative treatment surgery may be indicated. This takes place under a local anaesthetic with follow up monitoring and care.

Additional toes at the same time £50
Diabetic Care

Vascular and neurological screening with assessment of circulation and nerve supply sensation. Foot care and footwear advice. A report can be sent to your GP if requested.

Semi-Bespoke Insoles
Verruca Treatment

Advice & topical or conservative managemen

LCN Wilde Pedique
1 Nail - £35.00

Toenail reconstruction.

This is a cosmetic treatment to improve appearance of damaged and deformed nails.

Additional Nails £10 per nail
Biomechanical & Musculoskeletal Evaluation

With gait analysis including advice on stretching, strengthening and balancing techniques with provision of insloes/orthoses (extra charge) and to treat: Planter Fasciitis, Metatarsalgia – Forefoot pain, Morton’s Neuroma, Achilles Tendinopathy, Ankle instability, Hip, Knee and Lower Back issues

Full-Bespoke, Carbon Fibre Insoles
Verruca Dry Needling

Includes 2 additional follow ups as well as the treatment itself under local anaesthesia.

Shockwave Therapy - Per Session

A Non-surgical NICE approved treatment for Planter Fasciitis and Achilles Tendinopathy

Note - 3-6 sessions usually required alongside treatment regime to help resolve the problem
Footwear Issues and Supply

We have partnered with Shoefit UK. We can measure your feet and discuss your issues and Shoefit can supply you with the best footwear for your needs. They supply a selection of brands including ASICS, Joya, Ecco, Hoka and Xsensible along with bespoke and semi bespoke footwear. For advice contact: Shoefit 01707 953313


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Further Bespoke Services

Please call for a personalised appointment

Kinesiology Tape application

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