Ortigia Lime di Sicilia Single Soap 40g


The Lime Di Sicilia fragrance is a rendition of the scent of the namesake citrus, with a zesty Sicilian lime perfume. Naturally scented with the aroma of lime wood, flowers and lime blossom oil, this blend will provide soft and subtle essences with a luxurious fragrance experience.

Treat yourself with a lavish Italian feeling with this single soap from Ortigia. Formulated with natural, hydrating ingredients from Sicily such as olive oil and vegetable glycerine. A luxurious hand or body soap that cleanses and nourishes.

Key notes: Lime Wood, Flowers, Lime Blossom Oil, and Citrus

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A single bar of pure vegetable glycerine; wonderfully translucent, naturally coloured, and perfumed with the pure citrus essence of Sicilian lime.