InLight Skincare Essential Set


Skincare Essential Set is Dr Spiezia’s 3 step system that provides the foundation to healthy, radiant, clear skin. Our skin is the largest barrier between us and the world around us. Keeping our skin clean, clear and well moisturised helps keep this barrier strong, healthy and beautiful.
The Set is the ideal introduction to the Inlight Beauty range and the perfect up-to 6 weeks trial. It includes:

Face Cleanser 15ml

Floral Tonic with spray 50ml

Face oil 10ml

‘Beauty doesn’t have to be a complicated affair, it can be a divine, luxurious ritual that brings beauty to life every day.’

Dr Mariano Spiezia

Dr Mariano Spiezia


Skin Types: Suitable for all skin types


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Cleanse, tone and moisturise twice a day to look and feel good.

Face Cleanser: Dual action balm to deeply cleanse and nourish, transforming a daily routine into a luxurious ritual for your skin. It gently removes impurities with delightful hints of lemon, lavender and cypress.

Floral Tonic: A PH balanced formula and alcohol-free fusion of uplifting and astringent flower extracts with notes of roman chamomile and rose to tone and refresh.

Face Oil: A light, protective elixir for daily moisturising with rounded, addictive notes of vanilla and rose.

KEY BENEFITS: Clean, refreshed, balanced skin and long lasting moisturising feel

  • Place a warm cloth over the face to open pores.
  • Massage a pearl size of Face Cleanser all over the face and neck. Leave for 2 minutes.
  • Wipe away Face Cleanser with a few pumps of Floral Tonic on an organic cotton pad.
  • Finally, massage 2-4 drops of Face Oil into the skin.




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