Ortigia Ambra Nera Bath Salt Sachet 75g


Ortigia Sicilia’s Ambra Nera Bath Salts offer a combination of rich, warm and masculine scents. Master perfumer Lorenzo Villoresi achieves this striking fragrance by combining resin, spice woods vetiver and patchouli over an amber base of labdanum, oak musk and galbanum. Boasting 100% Sicilian sea salt that soothes the skin and relaxes the muscles, this is a quintessential addition to your self-care routine.

• Cruelty free

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  • 75g Ambra Nera Bath Salts Sachet
  • 100% Sicilian sea salt
  • musky warm amber and spice fragrance

Ortigia products are formulated using natural products indigenous to Sicily and inspired by the aesthetic, colours and scents of Italy’s most historic and tropical region. The Ambra Nera bath salts have a musky warm amber and spice scent and dissolve in the bath making the water incredibly soft, the perfect addition to your bath time routine.


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