Ortigia Zagara Diffuser 100ml


Ortigia Sicilia’s Zagara scented Palma Diffuser draws its inspiration from flowers found scattered among the fragrant orange groves of Sicily. Master perfumer Lorenzo Villoresi offers rich citrus scents with neroli petitgrain and wood bases, awakened by natural reed sticks. Encased in delicate glass and boxed in a distinctive design featuring regal leopards among tropical palm trees, Ortigia Sicilia’s Palma Diffuser is perfect for gift giving or as a treat for yourself.

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Ortigia’s Zagara perfume diffuser takes inspiration from the aromatic citrus scent of the orange groves of Sicily.

Ortigia’s Zagara scent blends a combination of orange tree flowers, neroli petitgrain and wood to create a juicy, rich fragrance. This gracious gift grants the receiver the lingering, transporting fragrance of orange blossom and fragrant woods.


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